Government of India Empanelled IS Auditor under I. T. Act, 2000



DepotMan XP v6.1 is the expanded version of  Depotman v6.1. It has added features to capture and analyze additional massive data required for extensive reporting, in depth analysis and  complex far-reaching management decision making over a wider canvas.

Additional Key Operating Features of Depotman XP v 6.1

  1. Quotations
  2. Management Decisions of Abnormal Quantities
  3. Goods Earmarking
  4. Goods Destruction
  5. Monitoring Promo Schemes
  6. Forecasting
  7. Post - Dated Cheque Entry
  8. Interest Collection
  9. Transporter Billing
  10. Budget & Target for field force
  11. Additional Accounts Data
  12. Masters for Additional Data Capture
  13. Additional Red Alert and MIS Reports, Graphs
  14. Additional Analysis of Sales & Collection
  15. Orders with Steps, namely Order Validation, Management Decision, Roll Back Decision, Invoice Generation.

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