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Sysman had conceived, designed, developed, upgraded and implemented following software products–

  1. DepotMan v6.1 – The Quick Payback Software for Depots, Warehouses, C&F Agents and Branches to manage distribution and to support decision making in logistics, marketing and sales of a wide range of finished goods such as Pharmaceuticals, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Processed Foods & Beverages, Automobiles, Auto Ancillaries & Auto Spare Parts, Consumer Durable Goods, Electrical & Electronic Products, Engineering Capital Goods, Fertilisers, Pesticides, Agro-Chemicals, Paints, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Telecom Components, Steel, Cement etc.

  2. Dealerman v7.0 – A total software solution for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) of the business of Distributors, Dealers, Wholesalers and Stockists. It is also a tool for Post-Production Supply Chain Management (SCM) in distribution-oriented manufacturing organisations.

  3. BankMan v5.0 – an integrated software for retail banking - bank branch automation.

  4. CD-ROM-Man v1.1- a software to archive and retrieval bigger databases on CD-ROM such as Telephone Directory, Yellow Pages, Demographic data, etc.