Government of India Empanelled IS Auditor under I. T. Act, 2000   * * ISO 17799 / BS 7799 "Associate Consultant" of BSI


A. The main objectives of DepotMan are

  1. Plugging the revenue leakage at depots by providing security and controls to top/controlling managers over all critical business inputs/processes like prices, discounts, allocations, overdue payments, goods replacement, goods return, Credit / Debit Notes, over billing to parties, reconciliation, etc.
  2. Controls over current assets like 
    • inventory, aging of time-sensitive inventory, availability and shortages of inventory, reconciliation of goods movement;
    • Amount receivable, bank collections, cash planning, etc.
  3. Monitoring all operations of depots from HO through Audit Trail.
  4. Creation of Data Warehouse for readily-available and user-required statistical analysis at HO of various trends like sales, orders, stock turn-over, collections, overdue collections, forecasting of sales based on past trends.
  5. Security, consistency and availability of data on need to know basis.
  6. Ease of use with top management control reports in graphical formats.
  7. Parameterised set-up and operations.
  8. Future upgradability to net-based solutions.
  9. Connectivity with popular ERP solutions like SAP, BaaN, MakEss, etc.
  10. Modular design and vertical data-flow both in on-line and off-line modes.