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DepotMan v6.x is an integrated software for Depot / C&F agent / warehouses management. It takes care of all functions of a depot like order acceptance, order processing, invoicing, selection of stock, materials management of limited shelf-life commodities, collections, replacements, pricing, destruction of old stocks, out-standing collections, banking and depot accounting. The software is quite comprehensive and can be implemented easily. It is suitable for organisations, where the distribution of goods is an integral part of their business such as Pharma, FMCG, Cement, Tyre, Paints, Auto, Liquor, Oil, Music, Entertainment, etc.

The main emphasis is on plugging of revenue leakage, control over current assets and enhanced internal controls.

DepotMan completes the Supply Chain Management of any organisation at the products distribution and marketing end by taking care of all distribution, invoicing, collection and related issues and can be integrated with the ERP software at HO. Most of the ERP software do not address the distribution side of Supply Chain Management. DepotMan has filled this gap to get itself integrated with the ERP software to complete SCM.