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B. Benefits of using DepotMan v6.1

  1. Benefits To The Organisation–
    • Plugging of Revenue Leakage: directly reduce costs and improve bottom-line.
    • Quick and high Returns on Investment (ROI).
    • Scalability and connectivity with ERP software.
    • Automatic handling of Indian requirements such as multiple level taxes, tax forms, goods return etc.
    • Gateways to future technologies like e-commerce, m-commerce, convergence etc.
  2. Benefits For Top Management –
    • Tracking of monthly sales performance & collections in various markets segments
    • Comparing among markets for current and past performance
    • Knowing age-wise outstanding, inventory turnover & ageing, demand-supply imbalance in various markets
    • Assessing the effectiveness of Sales Promotion Schemes from macro level to micro level
    • All above at a click of the mouse and in graphic form: from macro to micro levels
  3. Benefits For Marketing/Logistics/ Sales Managers –
    • Analysing sales performance & collections: territory-wise, region-wise and depot-wise
    • Scrutinizing adjustments (debit notes / credit notes / replacements etc.)
    • Forecasting for next year / next period
    • Evaluating performance of sales staff / field force
  4. Benefits For Finance / Accounts / Internal Audit Managers–
    • Complete Stock Reconciliation – Product-wise / Depot-wise.
    • Report on un-reconciled stock.
    • Detailed audit report on transactions / change to the database.
  5. Benefits For Depot Managers –
    • Quick and error-free order acceptance, processing, invoices, dispatches and collections.
    • Control over collection, account receivables, over-dues and debit / credit notes.
    • Control over inventory maintenance especially for goods with limited shelf life.
    • Control over destruction, goods returns, delayed / cancelled orders.