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Activities of Sysman - SOFTWARE PRODUCTS


SYSMAN had developed Computer Software Products for:

                  Supply Chain Management

                  Banks & Financial Institutions

                  Services Sector (Telecom etc.)

 SYSMANís Products for Supply Chain Management :

               DepotMan v6.1  for Outbound Supply Chain Management (O-SCM): The Quick Payback  
 for Depots, Warehouses, C&F Agents and Branches to manage
                                      distribution and to support decision making in logistics, marketing and 
                                      sales of a wide range of  finished goods such as Pharmaceuticals, Fast
                                      Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Processed Foods & Beverages,
                                      Automobiles, Auto Ancillaries & Auto Spare Parts, Consumer Durable
                                      Goods, Electrical & Electronic Products, Engineering Capital Goods,
                                      Fertilisers, Pesticides, Agro- Chemicals, Paints, Chemicals,
                                      Petrochemicals, Telecom Components, Steel, Cement etc.

               DepotMan XP v6.1 for O-SCM in large corporations. It is the expanded version of 
                                     Depotman v6.1. It has added features to capture and analyze additional
                                     massive data required for extensive reporting, in depth analysis and 
                                     complex far-reaching management decision making over a wider canvas.

               DealerMan v7.1 as ERP tool for Dealers & Distributors: A total software solution for
                                      Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) of the business of Distributors,
                                      Dealers, Wholesalers and Stockists. It is also a tool for Post-Production
                                      Supply Chain Management (SCM) in distribution-oriented manufacturing

               DealerMan XP v7.1 for O-SCM in large corporations

               ImportMan for ERP & SCM by Importers & Distributors


SYSMANís Products for other sectors :

               BankMan: for Branch Computerization (v1.0 in 1985)

               ServiceMan: for post-sales CRM processes like warranty, service and support

              CD-ROM-Man: Telephone Directory in CD-ROM (1st Version: 1997)

Other Activities -